All About Our Masuda YuDi Organic Sencha

The Masuda YuDi is a delicious new sencha that is perfect for the wintertime. This shade grown sencha comes to us from the farm of Masudaen in Shizuoka. The most noticeable characteristic about this tea is how sweet it is, with a pleasant note of sweet corn and a hint of grassiness.

Masudaen Tea Farm

While most bancha teas lack complexity, the bancha from Masudaen is truly exceptional. There is a nice subtle taste of popcorn that even goes in the direction of a Genmaicha. 

We visited Masudaen last summer and learned so much at the farm, in the factory and in the tasting room. We basically spent an entire day at this one farm because they had so many facts about tea to teach us. One of the coolest things we learned about on this farm was the different microclimates that are used for growing tea. The farmers were growing one cultivar in the main field and then a different cultivar on a small plateau that was elevated less than a hundred feet higher because that cultivar preferred a higher altitude. We also learned about the tea seeds that come from the plant. The farmers use these seeds as well. They can be ground up to produce an oil that can be used in a delicious salad dressing.

It is great to see how knowledgeable these farmers are, and it really makes us feel good about doing business with them. The farm is located in Makinohara, Shizuoka and the company has been producing tea since 1870. They really know their tea!

If you are interested in trying some tea from Masudaen, you can either try the Masuda YuDi sencha, or the Bancha Masudaen. Both of these teas come from the Masudaen tea farm and they are both incredible in their own unique ways.