Organic Sencha Yakushima

One of our more popular teas is the Organic Sencha from Yakushima. We have a few other teas from the island of Yakushima and if you knew how magical this island is, you would understand why. The subtropical climate along with the fog and mist on the island, create unique growing conditions for some of the world's best teas.

The fog and mist on the island create kind of a natural shading for the tea. Even though this tea is not covered using Kabuse, it still maintains a nice sweet umami flavor, going more in the direction of a shaded tea. This flavor is truly unique, and one of the reasons we chose to add this tea to our store.

Yakushima Island

Yakushima Island is located in the south of Japan. Japan has 4 main islands, along with many smaller islands to the south. This island is part of Kagoshima prefecture and it has a population of just over 13,000 people. The island is famous for its natural beauty, with many acres being protected as UNESCO world heritage sites. The island is famous for its lush vegetation, and although it is not known for being a major tea producing region, we have found a few farmers there that grow incredible organic green tea.

Other Organic Green Tea from Yakushima

In addition to the Sencha Yakushima, we also currently have 2 other teas from the island. The Shincha Yakushima can be seen as a more premium option because it is made using only the top leaves from the first harvest. The Kukicha can be seen as the lower tier option, because it contains some stems and is, therefore, less expensive. The stem teas have lots of unique flavor to them that you can't find in a normal tea, and for that reason many people actually prefer them. The Sencha from Yakushima can be seen as a middle option because it is a pure leaf tea with no stems, but it is also not classified as a Shincha.