Sencha That Tastes Like an Oolong

We have been getting some great reviews about our 2017 harvest of Noike Sencha, so we decided to reorder the 2018 harvest! Because the tea field is surrounded by a dense forest, the tea picks up the fresh aroma of tree bark. The natural shade from the forest makes this tea much darker than some of its counterparts. A unique discovery that we made was that when compared to an Oolong tea, like a Tie Guanyin, it actually seems to have a shared flavor profile.

Although a Japanese green tea will never taste completely like a Chinese Oolong, some of the common notes are shared amongst the two teas. Sometimes oolong teas have a little hint of honeysuckle or freshly cut flowers and maybe even a touch of burnt toast. This tea has a nice amount of complexity that goes in the direction of those two notes. Don't take our word for it though, try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Noike Sencha 2018 Harvest

With a stronger perfume, sweet floral notes and a hint of bitterness, this tea is perfect for lovers of oolong tea. In one of our videos on youtube, we tasted this tea side-by-side with an oolong tea to see how it compares. In our opinion, the tea is very consistent with the oolong, and that makes the 2018 Sencha harvest from Noike truly a unique harvest to behold.