Best Way to Store Tea

Storing your tea properly is almost as important as brewing your tea properly. Exposing your tea to certain elements around the house can cause differences in the flavor of your tea and can cause your green tea to ferment slightly over time.

Above is a picture of a tea that was stored properly compared to a tea that was stored improperly. As you can see, the tea on the right that was improperly stored has begun to take on a darker color that is less appealing. This also affects the taste of the tea as well. The tea that was stored improperly has begun to lose a lot of its flavor and as a result, it tastes a lot more flat. In contrast, the tea that was properly stored still maintains a lot of its complexity and is still very enjoyable.

Things to Avoid When Storing Teas

When storing your tea, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for:

1. Oxygen: Exposing your tea to oxygen can accelerate the fermentation process and alter the taste of your tea

2. Light: Exposing the tea to harsh light can deteriorate the leaves over time and cause them to taste different.

3. Heat: Can cause unwanted changes to the composition of the leaf

4. Odors: Can affect the natural aroma of the tea, causing it to taste and smell different.

The important thing is to keep your tea in an airtight container. You may also store tea in the fridge or freezer if it is unopened. If you have more questions about tea storage, please check out our helpful video about tea storage on our youtube channel!